digital marketing company

Take advantage of our online driven world with internet marketing service like ours. Get you online presence noticed with SourceCod3 your advertising agancy.


We design fast loading, responsive websites that makes a lasting impression on YOUR potential spectators. Turning the  audience into pay customers.


Being in a competitive niche field can sometimes make being different almost impossible. That is why having the right copy make a world of a difference. 


First impressions are hard to forget. But a great lasting impression is even harder to come by.  That is why graphic design is a vital aspect to any niche environment. 

socialmedia marketing

We live in a digital society driven world, whether we like it or not. Getting clients to notice YOU online can be challenging and feel almost impossible. Get noticed on all social media platforms.

searchengine optimization

Where is the best place to hide a dead body? On the second page of your Google browser. A SEO joke that gets the point across REALLY fast. No one looks at the second page of any browser. 

hosting&network security

Don’t get stressed about complicated terms and weird email attachments. Get peace of mind when you add these extensions to your project package. Everything you in one go!

Our Customers

We pride ourselves with our customer services. Happy Client, happy life.

"Wow wow wow Carike!"

Source C0d3 has been assisting us with our website and it's been such a pleasure - always available and willing to guide us through the whole process. We loved the fact that we were able to preview the website halfway through design. I have recommended them to a few friends already - you won't go wrong with Carike and the team! Thank you so much Source C0d3!
Web Designing Client - Merica King
Mercia King
YourMama Co-Owner